Change of repository URLs


Repository URLs for deb and rpm downloads have been updated for all repositories, as part of a change that decouples the application that builds your packages (, from the one that hosts them ( This is quite a big change under the hood, but all previous repository URLs should keep working (if not, please email ASAP at Download tokens from private repositories have all been migrated as well.

New repo URLs

As it stands, the previous URLs will keep being supported for some time, and you will receive an email a few months in advance when a date has been set for their removal. However, you are strongly encouraged to update your URLs in documentation and scripts as soon as possible, since you will not incur additional redirects, and the analytics will also work better if you use the new URLs.

Speaking of analytics, the ones currently displayed are frozen while we re-import the previous stats into the new hosting backend. An announcement will be made when they are back to normal.

In terms of new notable features, I have introduced the following:

  • faster builds, as well as explicit duration indication (for new builds)

  • more realtime updates across the site

  • active builds across all your repositories will be displayed on your dashboard page Active Builds

  • a "Last Release" section allows to quickly see the install instructions for the latest package release in a specific distribution

    Last Release
  • revamped navigation menu to be able to quickly switch to another organization/repository navigation

  • possibility to enable/disable authenticated access to packages


    Also, the project's page explicitly states the mode you're in, and the consequences: auth-info

I hope you'll find the revamped UI easier to navigate, and please let me know if you encounter any issues.